Efficiency and performance through communication

In a world where the volume of information is increasing exponentially, people are less and less willing to pay attention to the promotional messages of the companies. This is why now, more than ever, companies must make all efforts to deliver relevant messages through the right channels and at the right time.

At the same time, the development of social media and other technologies provide unprecedented information and communication opportunities on condition that the companies are able to grasp and manage the new way of communication. Our specialists’ mission is to collaborate with your team in order to create efficient communication strategies aimed to help you profit from these opportunities to the greatest extent and achieve the desired results.

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  • Integrated Marketing Communication

    The integrated communication refers to being efficient through synergy, by combining all the instruments and communication resources of a company in order to maximise impact and reduce costs. Nowadays, the integrated communication represents one of the most important marketing trends as using an integrated strategy supposes that each action is planned in a way that entails and supports the following ones, significantly improving the long-term results. If you do not have a dedicated department, with specialised personnel, or if you wish for a shift in perspective, our team can assist you in going through all the necessary steps in order to identify and implement the optimal strategy.


    • strategy and communication plan;
    • development and implementation of the integrated campaigns;
    • communication analysis and optimisation.
  • Online Communication

    In an interactive environment, where the information control is constantly decreasing, in which new technologies never cease to appear and the communication media diversify faster and faster, it is vital to rapidly react in order to profit from opportunities and avoid crisis situations. We offer experience-based recommendations and last-minute information, access to state-of-the-art technologies and to a wide range of specialised knowledge, we use the best practices and high standards of quality in everything that we do and we make sure that you are present wherever your clients may find themselves, helping you be one step ahead of your competition.


    • web design and development;
    • search engine optimization (SEO);
    • SEM (Google Ads);
    • social media;
    • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads;
    • e-mail marketing;
    • affiliate marketing;
    • online reputation management.
  • Branding

    A brand goes beyond a name, a visual identity or a slogan. It involves the entire consumer experience and it revolves around the customers’ perception of your company, which is based on the interaction with all your specific elements: advertising materials, website, messages conveyed through media channels, the communication with your employees and the experience with your products and services. We start the branding process with a strategy and we complete it having created a name deeply engraved in the hearts and minds of your clients. We are your companion along the way, ensuring coherence, consistency, relevance and creativity in getting your messages across, helping you stand out from your competitors and win the increasingly harsher battle.

    • brand strategy;
    • name;
    • slogan;
    • visual identity;
    • packaging;
    • design and production of advertising materials;
    • personal branding.

  • Public Relations

    A good reputation is built in years but can be destroyed in a few moments. The public relations activity is aimed at creating, maintaining and improving your reputation, which is the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you. While you concentrate on doing your job better and better, we play our part in gaining the trust and support of your public through information and communication.

    • public relations strategy;
    • event management;
    • media relations;
    • crisis management.